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Precast Items


precast wainscoatwainscoat on new housewainscoatwainscoat

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Precast Wall Anchors

These pre-cast anchors work well to stabilize/pull basement walls that are bowing in. Allthread in the basement walls and in the anchor are connected with approx. 15’ of sucker rod. Hardware not included but available.

Precast Porch Columns

These columns add structure and aesthetics to your porch, but have also been used as bases for playhouses, bases for flag poles, and as fence columns.

Concrete Pads

Save time and money buy using precast concrete pads for anywhere you need a small, concrete surface.
Price varies by size. Please call for quote

Custom Precast

We specialize in custom precast service work. Septic lids, wainscoate, etc are items where precast items can save you time and money.

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