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What Can I Expect When I Hire Illumicast?

The construction industry is littered with horror stories from distressed clients: Poor communication, bad workmanship, and slow installation–not to mention the contractors that simply take your money and run. It can be scary to risk your hard-earned money when hiring a contractor for the first time. That’s why we strongly recommend reading a contractor’s online reviews before signing on the dotted line.

The Night Our House Caught Fire: Why We Purchased an Egress Window Well

You’d think you’d easily wake up if there was a raging fire in your house, but the Mulvanes learned the hard way that a fire can easily burn unnoticed while you’re asleep.

It began as a typical night for the Mulvanes. They were sound asleep in their basement, when their neighbor began pounding on their door. The dog heard the pounding and woke up Mrs. Mulvane.

What Type of Warranty Do Egress Windows Have?

Here at Illumicast, we install vinyl egress windows that come with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

How We Got Here

Several years ago we switched our egress window supplier from Pella to ProVia. We love the ProVia windows, and we think you will too when we explain the excellent warranty that comes with our egress windows.

What Size Does an Emergency Basement Window Need to Be?

One of the common questions that people ask is: How big does an emergency basement window need to be? It has to be at least 20 inches wide and at least 24 inches tall with at least 5.7 square feet of total area.

Illumicast’s Annual Foster Family Giveaway

We have an annual tradition of giving away a completely free egress window well installation to a deserving foster care or adoptive family in Central or South Central Kansas.

We care deeply about foster care and adoption. Wes Miller, the owner and founder of our company along with his wife Denise adopted three wonderful children.

Does an Egress Window Well Improve Home Value?

An egress window adds value to your home by increasing the number of bedrooms in your home, adding more natural lighting in your basement, and by improving the safety of your home. A basement with an egress window well is more attractive to a future buyer.

List Your Home With More Bedrooms

What is a Precast Concrete Window Well?

A precast concrete window well is made by pouring solid concrete slabs at our facility. These slabs are then transported to your home and attached to your basement foundation.

What is Precasting?

What Should My Egress Window Well Quote Include?

Your egress window well quote should include sales tax, city permits, and county engineering fees. If you received a quote without these items included, you’ll likely end up paying more than you expected.

Why Do These Quotes Look Different?

How can I prevent foundation damage during dry weather?

Extended drought can cause real damage to your basement.

When the soil around a basement dries out, it shrinks and contracts, which can make your basement foundation shift. That shifting can create cracks in your basement.
While you may not notice anything right away, once you have a period of heavy rainfall, that moisture can start to seep into your basement.

Will a Window Well Installation Create a Lot of Dirt in My Home?

When you’ve got a nice basement, the last thing you want is for a construction crew to come in and spread dust throughout the house or make muddy tracks on your light-colored carpet. No doubt about it, cutting a big hole in your basement with a concrete saw is going to involve some dust and some mud. Read on to see how we keep the inside of your home as clean as possible.