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What Type of Egress Windows Does Illumicast Offer?

The Standard Egress Window

30x48 Casement Egress Window
Our standard window is a 30x48 Pella brand Casement Window. With a white vinyl frame, this window is a durable and attractive egress window. Also known as a “crank window,” this egress window is hinged on one side and opens outward with the turn of a handle. Its uncluttered view and outward-opening design allows for optimal natural light and air flow.

Optional Egress Window Upgrades

30x48 Casement with Transom Egress Window
If you like the standard window but you wish it was a little more decorative, the 30x40 Casement Window with Transom may be just the thing for you. It has a smaller additional pane above the main egress window, which adds an extra bit of “fancy.”
These work especially well when installing an egress window in the same location where there had been a small basement window. This eliminates the need to fill in brick on the outside and the ceiling on the inside, while allowing more natural light.

48x48 Horizontal Slider Egress Window
This window is great if you want a bigger window that allows more natural light into your basement. As the name implies, its opened by sliding horizontally. If you want more natural light and that square shape, consider upgrading to the 48x48 Horizontal Slider Egress Window.

28x46 and 31x41 In-swing Egress Windows
These In-swing Egress Windows are the latest addition to our window lineup. Touted to improve emergency escape, these windows open into your basement rather than into the window well. This makes them exceptionally easy to clean.
It’s really two window styles in one, since they can also be opened for ventilation like a single-hung window. We often use these in situations where a casement window that swings out would hit the window well cover.

Specialty Colors
While our standard window color is white, we can also provide other colors to better match your home.

Talk With an Expert
Not sure which style is the best fit for your basement? Need help choosing the perfect egress window for your new egress window well?

Give us a call at 620-200-0616.

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Contact Us

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Illumicast is a family owned and operated business committed to providing you with quality pre-cast products at fair prices.

Illumicast specializes in egress windows and pre-cast window well systems. These wells have been manufactured since the mid 90’s. We bought the business in 2009 and have enjoyed developing new products, sizes, designs, and improving the strength and aesthetics of the products. These wells have become the choice of many quality-minded contractors who want durable window wells at an economical price.

We are happy to help you with your custom pre-cast projects, provide you with custom covers, and serve you in any way we can.

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