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Price vs Value: Egress Window Wells

Although we’ve always been reasonably priced, we’ve never claimed to be the cheapest contractor when it comes to your window well installation. Today we want to distinguish between two terms: price and value.

Price: What You Pay
Price is what you pay; value is what you get. Take a hamburger, for instance. When you give the cashier at the fast food restaurant a five dollar bill, that’s because the price was $5. However, that price doesn’t tell you much about the burger. It just tells you how much you’ll have to spend.

Value: What You Get In Return
Value is what you get in return for paying the price. If the cashier hands you a triple quarter-pounder with cheese, you got a lot of meat for your $5, making it a great value. (Unless you’re a vegan, in which case this is definitely the wrong illustration.)

On the other hand, if you received a single dry burger with just a tiny bit of ketchup and a limp pickle, that was a very poor value. You got very little in return relative to the price that you paid.

Here at Illumicast, we never want to serve a “dry little burger.” We want every egress window well that we install to be a “big, juicy burger.”

In other words, we want every window well to look great, to be extremely durable, and to be installed quickly and carefully. In order to do that, we buy specialized equipment, hire top-notch employees, and use quality materials.

While you won’t find us on the dollar menu, our customers are often surprised at how reasonably we’re priced. So no, we’re not cheap, but it’s hard to find a better deal.

Thank you for considering Illumicast! We hope to serve you soon!

Contact Us

Contact Us

6803 S. Whiteside Rd. Hutchinson, Kansas

Illumicast is a family owned and operated business committed to providing you with quality pre-cast products at fair prices.

Illumicast specializes in egress windows and pre-cast window well systems. These wells have been manufactured since the mid 90’s. We bought the business in 2009 and have enjoyed developing new products, sizes, designs, and improving the strength and aesthetics of the products. These wells have become the choice of many quality-minded contractors who want durable window wells at an economical price.

We are happy to help you with your custom pre-cast projects, provide you with custom covers, and serve you in any way we can.

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