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Will Window Well Installation Damage My Lawn?

Your Lawn’s Importance

If you’re like many homeowners, you’ve spent a lot of time and money to get your yard looking great. The last thing you want is for heavy construction equipment to tear up your grass and leave piles of dirt.

But don’t worry, we have a lawn preservation option that you can select in addition to our base package. We’ll go into a bit more detail below.

The bottom line is—we can prevent any damage to your sprinkler system and prevent 90% of the lawn damage that would otherwise occur.

Why Lawn Preservation?

In order to install a new egress window well in a single day, we use a skid steer and an excavator to make quick work of digging the dirt and hauling it off. Not only is the equipment itself heavy, but the dirt and concrete that we remove from your basement is also very heavy.

All this can tear up your grass, leave tire ruts, and potentially even damage your sprinkler system, unless you choose our lawn protection option.

With lawn protection, we lay out a little “road” of heavy plywood sheets. Our skid steer and excavator travel over this road to get from your driveway or alley to the site of your new window well. After the job is complete, we drive our equipment back out over this protected pathway, keeping your grass in great shape.

Additionally, when we are digging out the dirt for your egress window well, we make a pile beside the new window well for backfill. With the lawn protection option, we’ll lay down a protective layer of plywood, keeping the fresh dirt off of your grass.

An Easy Choice

For most of our clients with great looking backyards, choosing the lawn preservation option is an easy decision. To see our lawn preservation in action, check out our video here.

Have questions about getting a new egress window well? Give us a call at 620-200-0616.

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