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What’s Included In Your Base Package?

Calling our main window well installation a “base package” is almost misleading, since there’s so much included in our base package. Read on to learn more.

First, we always visit your home when giving you a quote. That way we can spot any visible drainage or foundation issues right from the get-go. This dramatically reduces the chances of any delays during installation.

Next, we have Dig Safe mark any utility lines in the area of your new egress window well. Additionally, we note the location of your underground sprinkler system.

Using our excavator, we dig a hole slightly larger than the finished dimensions of your new window well.

Inside, we erect a plastic barrier to minimize construction dust in your basement.

Next we use a special concrete cutting saw that allows us to cut a precise hole in your basement wall.

After the concrete cutout from the basement wall is removed, we frame the window opening with kiln-dried, treated lumber. This provides a durable, secure way to fasten your new egress window to the basement wall.

Next, we bolt the pre-cast concrete window well securely to your basement wall and fill the dirt back in around the outside of the window well. As we backfill, we use hydraulic tamping to pack the soil, eliminating future settling and greatly reducing chance of water issues..

After the window well is hung, we install the egress window and window trim. The window frame and trim are both vinyl, ensuring that your window will never rot or rust.

An important part of making so your egress window well can actually serve as a fire escape is having a way to climb out of the window well. We bolt a permanent ladder to the inside of the window well, ensuring that its always there and ready for duty.

At the bottom of the window well, we install a sump bucket and add attractive rock to the floor of the window well. The sump bucket is almost invisible, but is present in case you need it in the future.

Your egress window well should always have a cover to keep kids from falling in accidentally. Our quality window well covers also help keep rain, leaves, and toads from getting into your window well. Created with a clear polycarbonate and supported with an aluminum frame, these window wells are both attractive and strong.

There you go. Now you know what’s included in our “base package.” Want to know about optional upgrades, like our interior window trim and lawn protection?

Stay tuned for our upcoming article on the optional upgrades.

To get a custom quote for your home, call us at 620-200-0616.

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Contact Us

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Illumicast is a family owned and operated business committed to providing you with quality pre-cast products at fair prices.

Illumicast specializes in egress windows and pre-cast window well systems. These wells have been manufactured since the mid 90’s. We bought the business in 2009 and have enjoyed developing new products, sizes, designs, and improving the strength and aesthetics of the products. These wells have become the choice of many quality-minded contractors who want durable window wells at an economical price.

We are happy to help you with your custom pre-cast projects, provide you with custom covers, and serve you in any way we can.

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